Every bot lane player knows the difficulties of playing against support champions that have hard engage, especially hooks. Hooks are ranged crowd control abilities that can immobilize an enemy champion from far away. These abilities are often game changing and can win or lose the game in one decisive moment.


With a hook range of 1150, Blitzcrank definitely has the furthest reaching hook. It also moves lighting fast and pulls enemies all the way back to him. This ability can be debilitating especially early in the laning phase where you can get dragged into minnion agro. He often can couple his abilities leading to a hook and a knock up as well as a silence. However, especially in the early game his hook is mana gated. It costs almost 150 mana which severely limits his ability to spam them in the early to mid game, especially in the laning phase.


Nautilus has a hook range of 1100. Upon hitting an enemy champion he drags himself and the enemy to the midpoint of the himself and the enemy. His auto attacks automatically root due to his passive so hitting his hook on an enemy means getting dragged closer to Nautilus, being stunned, and if you don't flash instantly you will be rooted for .75 to 1.5 seconds based on Nautilus' level. Additionally, Nautilus can use his hook on terrain which allows him to pull himself away from or into fights which is one of the new hook interactions with terrain in the game.


Thresh doesn't quite have the same amount of displacement as the above two champions, but he still has a 1100 range hook that can displace champions. After two tugs on his hook and a Flay (his E) he can do almost as much displacement as anyone else. Given that Thresh is the ultimate swiss knife support with engage on his hook, disengage with flay, area of effect crow control with his ult, and shield / team mate defense with his lantern.


Pyke is the newest of these champs and therefore feels like he has the most overloaded kit. He has so much more built in and he's a lot harder to master. Unlike the others on this list, his range is chargeable and range extends with time charged from 400 to 1100. Additionally, he can move while charging, but he has reduced movement speed so that is a good chance to jump him with crowd control. After the hook, he's sure to land his stun with his E. On top of his hook (Q), his moving stun (E) he also has his invisibility and movement speed steroid (W) and a gold sharing area of effect execute ultimate (R).


Darius is definitely not a traditional bot laner, but in certain kill lanes or double bruiser bot lanes especially he is explosive and can bring tons of damage. Darius has a relatively short range hook, but it's still 525 range and is an area of effect. He can hook more than 1 champion, but he really needs to be close to land it. After he lands his hook, he will definitely land a true damage, slow, bleed auto attack and then his circular area of effect heal, damage Q as he stacks his bleed passive.