League of Legends is the worlds most popular esport. The esport boasts over millions of players with over 100's of millions of watchers every word championship. The vast majority of players boast six figure salaries but the vest can make millions in salary and endorsements. The best players become legends and enter realms of celebrity.

SKT Faker

Faker puts insurmountable pressure on enemy middle laners. His presence alone can lead his enemies to change their tactics solely to shut him down. Nonetheless, bringing down the man called the Unkillable Demon King is easier said than done, as Faker excels in soaking up energy from the jungle. Faker transforms into the perfect ace in the later stages of the game which routinely finds one playmaking opportunity after another. And if the middle laner of T1 secures a lead, he seems to always find a way to break open the map with roams and teleports. His individual achievements are backed by a spotless competitive record and it is difficult to imagine anyone else until he retires.

IG Rookie

Rookie has long been seen as one of many Korean mercenaries who went to China seeking a bigger paycheck. His 2018 Worlds run, however, turned the storyline on its head. Not only did Rookie make a solid claim to be the world's best player in the League of Legends, but his individual skill was so impressive that he spent the whole tournament bullying world-class middlelaners as if they were random Solo Queue Gold players. His skills stretch well beyond the laning process. Rookie is Invictus Gaming's cornerstone, so whether it's teamfighting, dividing, or playing with his teammates, he's doing all he can to set up his team to succeed.


Uzi is a player mixing mechanical prowess with mental strength. The story of the LPL, widely recognized as the best AD carriers in the world, threatens its adversaries with immaculate positioning and precision. Uzi failed to claim a LPL title for the longest time but his 2018 Spring Split win put an end to this story. In addition he rarely fails to put on a clinic at international tournaments, making him one of the world's best players in the League of Legends. Perhaps the most impressive thing about him is that, when dealing with health issues, he maintained this degree of grandeur.

G2 Perkz

Perkz's one of the world's most unusual middle laners. In 2016 he made his EU LCS debut, and quickly established himself as the region's top middle laner. Yes, it's due largely to his razor-sharp mechanics and mad killer instinct that his team— G2 Esports — went on to win the next four titles in a row. With veteran game sense, Perkz strengthened his already remarkable talent over the years. He hit his peak as a middle-laner in 2018 when he made it all the way to the semifinals of the Worlds before falling into the hands of eventual Invictus Gaming champions. At the peak of his skill he did the most shocking thing and decided to switch to bot lane which required a complete shift in skillset. he did this successfully making it to the world final and winning the mid season invitational. Then again he switched back to mid and is still currently undefeated in the middle lane in the 2020 LEC Spring season.

IG TheShy

Smeb may be the godfather of carrying top laners, but TheShy is someone who has taken to heart his teachings. The player tries from the first minutes of the game to overpower his rivals with aggression— and he does it with zero doubt or hesitation. Such a style would be far too dangerous for any other top laner to play. There's nothing more to it for TheShy than killing or getting killed. And given that his technical capacity is above that of other top laners, the former happens much more often than the latter. His carry playstyle helped propel his team to a world championship in 2018!