Top lane is one of the easiest way to climb to higher ranks in League of Legends. By playing these powerful top lane champions you'll climb higher and faster and develop mastery of some of the most powerful champions in the entire game.


Garen is one of the first champions to be introduced in the game. Garen's fundamental strengths are his tankiness and health regeneration, while his lack of a dash and gap closer make him easily kiteable especially in higher elos. His Q can give him a burst of speed, remove slows, and empowers his auto to silence. His W gives him increased tenacity and momentary damage mitigation and even a shield. His E is a circular area of effect that scales on attack speed with armor shred. His R is an execute that deals more damage to low health abilities and can deal true damage to marked enemies. Garen's most powerful gimmick is his health regeneration which even in the early game can be oppressive if you can't deal damage to him.


Darius is one of the highest ban rate top laners especially in iron, bronze, silver, gold. Darius is extremely strong early game. His autos cause damage over time and once stacked to 5 auto marks his passive alone can almost deal a full ignites worth of damage. His abilities also apply his passive. His Q is a circular area of effect which deals damage while also healing. However, enemies that are within the inner circle can avoid the maximum damage, so spacing is critical. His W is an extended range auto attack slow that deals additional damage. However, advanced Darius players can use the ability as an auto attack cancel which allows for even faster passive stacking. His E is gap closer which pulls enemies clower, and his R is an extended range ability that deals more damage based on how many passive stacks. If it executes an enemy it can fear minnions and also reset.


Irelia is a high skill expression bruiser top laner. Often played in top lane and mid lane, Irelia has a resetting gap closer that can be used to execute minnions and farm. Her Q is a gap closing dash that resets on executes or her passive stacks. Her W is a damage mitigation that keeps her still and can also be aimed to mark enemies. Her E is a linear skill shot that can be set by dropping two pins and stuns everything between the two pins and applies her passive stacks. Additionally her R drops a slowing field that marks and allows her to dash rapidly.

Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo is often considered a pure tank, but in our assessment his abilities to excel in extended skirmishes and high damage skills and ability to just run you down make him a bruiser! Dr. Mundo's skills don't take any mana, but rather they take health, so when you decide to trade you really need to keep an eye on your health bar. His Q throws a relatively short range projectile that slows and does % health damage. His W is a area of effect skill that creates a circle of damage around him. His E is an empowered auto attack that adds a fixed amount of AD. His E is almost worth a full BF Sword! His R deals % health damage to Dr. Mundo initially, but ends up healing him dramatically and providing increased movement speed.


Renekton is a strong early game bully much like Darius. Renekton has everything a strong early game champion has, area of effect damage, healing, point and click stun, auto attack cancel, and dashes. His Q deals circular area of effect damage and can deal bonus damage / heal based on his passive. His W is a simple point and click stun that can also act as an auto attack cancel. His E is a dash, but if the first dash hits then he gets another dash. His R gives him increased damage health and faster passive stacking.