"On the edge" is a perfect phrase to sum up MotoGP. Riders scraping their knees on the tarmac while cornering at incredulous speeds is very exciting to watch. The riders are almost always hanging off their seats, throwing their bodies around to reduce the lean angles of their bikes, which in turn prevents them from crashing. The raw high pitched song that the 4 cylinder machines sing coupled with the fact that there are 20 of these just flying around the circuit makes it one of the most exciting sports to watch. MotoGP is the premier class of motorcycle racing. It is the oldest motorsport world championship. Its first race was held in 1949 at Isle of Man TT. As with all motorcycle racing, MotoGP is also governed by Fédération Internationale de Motorcyclisme. Initially, all the bikes used a 500cc engine, but currently every manufacturer has a litre class MotoGP bike. As old as this sport, it has produced a fine set of riders that can be considered the greatest of all time. These are the top 5 greatest MotoGP riders of all time.

Valentino Rossi

"The Doctor" as he is famously called, Rossi is hands down the GOAT when it comes to MotoGP. Anyone who's ever heard of motorcycle racing knows who Rossi is and his stats speak for himself. The Italian has 9 MotoGP championships to his name, which is more than anyone else. He has won 115 races, which is also more than anyone else. Rossi saw a meteoric rise is the early 2000s when he won 5 MotoGP championships between 2001 to 2005. After a couple of quiet seasons, Rossi was back to winning ways as he bagged 8th and 9th MotoGP championships of his career. The 2010 move to Ducati backfired as Rossi failed to impress. He returned to Yamaha where he races to this day. Rossi has an illustrious career spanning 2 decades and he doesn't seem to be slowing down.

Marc Marquez

Perhaps the most fierce rider, Marquez has a hyper aggressive riding style. The Spaniard has often drawn flak for his dangerous style, and it's a testament to his skills that he hasn't been involved in more crashes. However none can question his ability to win championships. He has bagged 8 MotoGP titles 6 of which have been in the premier class. His hardwork and thirst for winning titles is apparent as he has managed to win with a Honda that many considered too wild. With his current form Marquez seems set to break all the records.

Giacomo Agostini

One of the simplest forms of determining GOAT is to look at the numbers, look at the victories. Another Italian on the list, Agostini or "Ago" as he was fondly called has an unparalleled trophy cabinet. He primarily races for MV Augusta and has won an astounding 15 World titles. Of these he won 7 consecutively! His domination in an era where British riders were succeeding is a true testament to his genius. He ended his career with Yamaha, where he won 2 MotoGP titles. He is currently 77 years old and has served as a team manager as well.

Mike Hailwood

Purest form of natural talent, Mike is one the GOATs of MotoGP. His talent and riding style was so natural in fact that it earned him the nickname "Mike the Bike". Coming out of an 11 year long retirement to win two Isle of Man TT titles is a perfect display of the same. He raced through the 1960s for MV Augusta and has 9 World titles to his name. Interestingly, Mike also tried to race F1, although he wasn't as successful at it. He passed away in a tragic car accident in 1981.

Mick Doohan

Doohan is a prime example of how sheer determination and grit can work wonders. In 1992 at the Dutch TT, Doohan had a horrible crash in the qualifying session. The Australian suffered a double spiral fracture in his right leg. But months of recovery wasn't an option for Doohan as he was leading with a margin and had 5 races to extend/maintain it. A hasty surgery almost cost him his leg, and after multiple consecutive surgeries, Doohan recovered and came back to win the 1992 title. He went on to win 4 consecutive titles from 1993 to 1996. This put him in contention for the greatest MotoGP riders of all time.