Death Stranding came out in November of 2019 and was one of the most anticipated games for the PS4 for many years in a row before it was finally released in 2019. Oh yeah, and more importantly, it was the first game Hideo Kojima released after his bitter leave from Konami. The first trailer that was dropped for Death Stranding at E3 back in 2016 featured a song from Low Roar and the rest as they say is history. Here are five songs from Death Stranding worth a second listen (aka you should listen to Low Roar).

Don't Be So Serious

When you first play Death Stranding you are greeted with a song while you traverse the land. That song is Don’t Be So Serious, and it gives you a taste of the style of music that the game is going for, along with an insight to how Hideo Kojima picks music for his games and trailers. What I like about this song is that it starts off slow and quiet, slowly builds from there to the band repeating the chorus over and over. The piano solo towards the end of the song is also great as it leads out back to a slow and quiet end. You should also check out a live version they sang as well. It has a bit of a different feel to the albums version. If you want to check out this song its one the album Once In A Long, Long While...


Bones is featured early on in the game after a long cutscene and story setup. Without spoiling too much when you finally get around to playing the game again you have to take a recently decreased person on a journey to an incinerator. The journey is not easy, as the body you are carrying is heavy and makes your movement clumsy. As you go up a mountain you can become frustrated by the way the character sometimes doesn’t respond correctly to your movement because of the weight distribution. And depending on your movement what makes it so difficult for some.

Now onto the song itself, Bones is a duet sung between the bands lead singer and another artist, Jofriour Akadottir. The song is a bit similar to the situation you find yourself in as the song deals with a breakup of sorts and that doing so is not going to be easy for either one of them. The lyrics end on the phrase “Cause you’re a part of me and I’m a part of you”.


Poznań is another song that is featured early on in the game. The song plays after you just an encounter with one of the main enemies in the game, the BTs. The BTs are these otherworldly beings that are ghost that can grab hold of anything living. If you are caught by them it is only bad news. This song really sets the mood with its melancholy tone and lyrics. You are covered in this black tar substance if you were caught by the BTs, you have to climb down a mountain after having just walked up it, which at this stage of the game is not an easy feat. Poznań is a short track too, coming in at only two minutes, so its effect is kind of like lulling you into a small sense of calm after having just dealt with a pretty heart racing experience.

Anything You Need

Just after having dealt with dangerous supernatural enemies and having to traverse down a mountain you have another round of cutscenes and exposition that set up more of the game. Now that you know what you’re supposed to be doing in the games universe you are finally on your own this time as the “tutorial” of the game has just ended. Anything You Need is played when you are finally getting into the groove of the game. In the game you are a Porter, a delivery person whose sole job is to deliver packages from one area to another while avoiding package thieves and supernatural entities called BTs. It’s also an easy listen as you’re finding your way around the world of the game. Give is a listen and check out a live performance of the song the band did as well.

Easy Way Out

Easy Way Out has been featured in Death Stranding in two different places. The first time the song was featured was on the second trailer for the game back in 2017 and the second time around was when the song was featured in the game proper in 2019. Out of the two occasions it was featured I kind of prefer the first time it was featured. Don’t get me wrong, both times it was featured for the game are great but what I like about the first time was that it was used for a trailer at the PlayStation Experience 2016. The trailer that was released back in 2016 had two different version that played different music. The first one featured music from the games soundtrack while the second one I’m talking about featured this song. The song Easy Way Out is great because at almost five minutes never spends too much time lingering on just one thing. Within the context of the trailer the viewer is thrown into a scene featuring Guillermo Del Toro in an otherworldly battlefield that looks like something out of Saving Private Ryan if all the soldiers were skeletons and tanks were oozing out organs. The trailer ends with the reveal that one of the characters in the game is going to be Mads Mikkelsen. It’s such a great reveal too.