It seems like these days every bank is offering hundreds of dollars to try and win your business. It is incredible how many banks are offering promotions for free money for opening a checking account in 2019. We know it can be hard to keep track of all of the best deals for checking accounts, so we’ve aggregated some of the top ones below. Check out some of the accounts offering the most free money with sign up below!

JPMChase - $350

Chase is one of the best banks to get this offer from because they’re a great bank where you may want to keep your money long term. They offer some of the best credit cards on the market, have lots of branches around the US, and generally can service any of your major financial needs. Chase is offering up to $350 in free money - $200 when you open a new checking account and $150 with a new savings account and qualifying activities.

Wells Fargo - $200

Wells Fargo has certainly had a lot of trouble as a bank lately. They have been in the news because they’ve had to settle for hundreds of millions of dollars for wronging their customers. Despite this, they do have a lot of branches and have been a bank for a long time. Right now they’re offering a deal targeted at students, offering a $200 bonus. Make sure to watch out for any fees.

Citibank - $600

This is the real whale. Citibank, which has branches all over the US and is a reputable bank, is offering up to $600 when you open a Citi Priority Account and meet certain conditions. Not to worry if you’re unable to meet those conditions, Citi has a ton of offers including a $500 one for a Citibank account and a $200 one for a basic banking account. This is some of the most offers we’ve seen and one of the only banks that offers multiple different types of offers so its definitely worth checking out.

Bank of the West - $250

Bank of the West / BNP Paribas will not be a name as well known for many US consumers. They are still a reputable bank though and you should not be worried if you choose to go with them. Their offer is focus for customers who want a checking account and who will be making deposits into that checking account. If you’re going to do that, you can get up to $250 from them.

Discover - $360(cash back)

Most people have generally heard of Discover as a credit card company, not a bank. But it turns out that Discover also offers checking accounts. If you like Discover credit cards you may also really like these checking accounts. Just like with Discover credit cards, the accounts offer cash-back when you’re using your debit card on the account – up to $360 a year. This is a bit different from the other offers, but is still an interesting way to get some cash from a bank.