Car insurance rates have been sky rocketing the past couple of years. It's important to shop around for the best quote and find the lowest price for your car and situation. These are the best services / companies that can help you find the lowest rate!


80% of new customers would recommend Progressive to their friends and family. Customers love Progressive so much not because of the quirky commercials about Flo, but because Progressive lets you compare and contrast rates from competitors before choosing, they'll even show you prices even when Progressive isn't the lowest price. Progressive shows you all the quotes from all the major competitors including State Farm, Geico, Farmers, and many more. Make sure to look at Progressives home, auto, renter's and other bundles as you shop around.


Certain companies offer specials and discounts and different rates in different places of the United States as well as for different types of cars. Quoteble takes your zip code, age and type of car, and some other questions to help you find the best car insurance quote in 2 minutes or less. All you need to do is answer some basic questions about yourself and your car and you'll get the cheapest quotes for you. Rather than entering in all of your information on every insurer's site you can use quoteble to quickly get to a quote customized for you!


Quotewizard helps you get quotes from some of the biggest names in insurance. Quotewizard will compare rates from esurance, American Family Insurance, Allstate, Farmers Insurance, 21st Century Insurance and many more. Similar to Quoteble, Quotewizard takes a number of questions about yourself, where you live, and your car and helps you find the best possible prices on car insurance. However, unlink Quoteble, Quotewizard doesn't prepopulate your information on their insurance partners' website so you'll have a bit more typing to do.


Quotelab is a very comprehensible car insurance quote finding tool. It asks some additional questions such as "average mileage driven each year", "deductible for collisions", and "deductible for comprehensive". These types of additional questions help to find the exact insurance coverage you're looking for, but the downside is it takes a bit more time to get to a price and a quote from an insurance provider. However, once you do find a quote, you know that's exactly the coverage you wanted and were looking for.

Insure says that their average customer saves $560 per year. Insure will help you find if you are eligible for bundling, good driver, hybrid vehicles discounts as well as looks at most if not all of the major insurance carriers. They will pull quotes from 21st Century Insurance, Allstate, Geico, esurance, StateFarm, Nationwide, Progressive, and Travelers as well as many more. not only do they help you find the best insurance, but also they help you understand the 6 types of automobile insurance, as well as what the different types of policies cover and how best to maximize your coverage for your situation.