The list of top 5 home insurance companies in the U.S. has some surprises! We have the usual State Farm, All State, but some smaller unknown companies such as The Hartford crack our top 5. Read about why and what sort of amazing coverage options they offer!


Allstate has best in class library of resources for new home owners looking to purchase insurance. It provides tons of information from articles to videos and even quizzes and infographics. They even let homeowners see what the most common claims in their area are using their geography so they can be better protected from mayhem!

AllState offers a 5% discount for users who set up automatic payments. You can receive 5% off for making a payment you were already going to make! They also offer special discounts for bundling and having no prior claims in the past 5 years. If you qualify for all of those you can qualify for 5% (auto pay) + 25% (bundling) + 20% (no prior claims) = up to 50% off on your initial insurance quote!


Amica makes our list for their extremely competitive price point as well as their high customer service satisfaction with claims processing. They were the only provider to receive a 5/5 in every categroy from J.D. Power. Amica is interesting in that it's a mutual compnay so the policyholders own the company meaning dividends can be paid out to policy holders depending on compnay performance. Amica's one draw back is that it is a traditional company and does not rank highly in our online resources ranking, but it's over the phone customer service is top notch.

Similar to how certain car insurance providers provide discounts for new cars, Amica will provide a discount for newer or recently remodeled homes. However, the unique discount they offer is for putting in automatic detection devices for temperature, water leaks, gas leaks, etc. If you have a new smart home, Amica can offer some unique discounts.

State Farm

State Farm asks for extremely detailed questions for a quote. Be prepared with all of your paperowrk from floor plan, insurance history, and home inventory to start this process. The updside of this process is that this provides an extremely well fitted home policy. State Farm doesn't provide any discounts for new or renovated homes like Allstate or Amica, so if you have a newer home one of our first two might be the better choice.

Though State Farm doesn't offer new or refurbished home discounts, they do offer a roofing discount. If you have a roof made of certain impact-resistant roofing products, and can fill out the roofing installation certification form then you can get up to 20% off your home insurance quote!

The Hartford

The Hartford is the only home insurance provdeer endorsed by the AARP and will provide discounts for members. The Hartford has an interesting green rebuilding policy that pays 10% above policy if rebuilding with "green" materials. The compnay offers less discounts than the first three, but if you qualify for them then this might be the insurer for you!

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual has a long list of discounts even more so than a lot of their competitors. However due to their quantity their discounts lack quality and aren't quite as high as others. One thing to note is that their claims processing is unexceptional. It's not the best nor the worst, but there are definitely higher rated claims processing companies around.

Liberty Mutual offers a early shopper discount. What that discount means, is that if you purchase a plan or get a quote and then convert your quote to a purchase while you have coverage with a competitor they will give you up to 5% off for just switching (applicable in only certain states).