Instagram is for museum quality photos of food and your dog. If you're a foodie like some of our readers you can sometimes rack up huge bills at restaurants. If you find yourself spending a lot of money every month on eating out then you want to maximize your rewards or cashback and make the most of your experience with the right credit card. Here are our top 5 best restaurant and food credit cards.

American Express Gold

4x on food and groceries, 3x on travel, 1x on everything else, the American Express Gold is a lite version of the American Express Platinum. The card comes with a much lighter annual fee of $250, but it comes with a $100 in incidental airline fees, $120 in dining credits at participating partners, and up to a $100 hotel credit. This card has the best rewards at restaurants, but the fees are higher than others on our list. However, the added credits and fees can easily make up for the $250 so the Amex Gold tops our list.

Bank of America Cash Rewards w/ Status

The Bank of America Cash Rewards is an intro starter card that gets you 1% back on everything, 2% at grocery and whole sale, and 3% on a category of your choice but in this case 3% on dining. The card has no fees and also even offers a possible up to $250 cash rewards sign up bonus. We like this card for students or people just starting out because it has a generally low credit score limit and is a 0 fee card. If you can get status with Bank of America then you can get up to %3.75 or even %4.50 cash back which makes this card even more worth it.

Capital One Savor

The Capital One Savor card is one that has been surging in popularity recently. With a low fee of $95 per year and a 4x rewards rate on dining AND entertainment, this card make it easy to get rewards while having a ton of fun. You also get 2x on groceries and 1x on all other purchases, but if you're planning a big trip with a lot of activities such as concerts, sports games, other expensive entertainment then this might be the right card for you. One of our readers said he got a Vail Epic pass for a family of 4. Each pass retails for about $1000 so with the Savor card he got $40 per person making the rewards $160 which easily pays for the card every year he gets a season pass.

Chase Saphire Reserve

The Chase Saphire Reserve recently upped their fees to $550 to match with the American Express Platinump. The card comes with a $300 annual travel credit, $100 for Global Entry and TSA PreCheck, the same lounge access as the platinum, a complimentary year of Lyft Pink, and a free Door DashPass subscription, and two years of $60 DoorDash credit. If you're a big DoorDash user then this is definitely the card for you. This has been THE premier travel card for the last 5 years, but there have been a number of challengers who are coming for the throne. The card gets 3% back on dining and travel and 1% on all other purchases. Make sure to maximize your signing bonus which can be as high as $600. For the fee though, we don't think this is the best card for food only. However, if you want to combine food with travel then this is definitely the best card because of all of the travel benefits.

Wells Fargo Propel American Express

The Wells Fargo Propel American Express card is similar to the Bank of America Cash Rewards card, but the points you get are American Express Membership Rewards points. American Express Membership Rewards points can often be converted over to airline or hotel credit at a multiple or used at retailers like Amazon. Most people value Amex Membership Rewards points at 1.2 centers per point!