The top 5 car insurance companies in the U.S. are coincidentally the 5 largest. Take a look at how we rank them and why we think they’re the best. See who has 80,000 insurance agents, or $40 billion in premiums signed, or even who is insuring 1 in every 5 cars in the entire United States!

State Farm

State Farm is the largest car insurance provider in the US. They have over $40 billion in premiums signed and have almost 20% of all cars on the road insured by them. State Farm is usually not the cheapest options, but they do have TONS of agents across the country and if you're looking for a more personal experience with the backing of a huge company and are willing to pay a little extra State Farm might be the company for you.

One unique aspect to State Farm is their Steer Clear program. For drivers under 25 who have no at-fault accidents in the past 3 years and go through a training course, practice driving using their app, and fix any problematic driving habits they receive a program certification and a special discount on their car insurance.


15 minutes CAN save you 15% or more on car insurance! Geico is the second largest car insurance provider in the US with almost 15% of all Americans using Geico. Geico is a big insurance provider to the US government and employees almost 40,000 people in the country. They offer very competitive rates and an easy to use experience, but if you have prior car accidents or other issues it might be hard for you to get affordable insurance from them.

Geico has a long list of available discounts. From 1% for having Daytime Running Lights, 26% for being 5 years accidnet free, all the way to 40% for full-front seat covering airbags. If you're looking for a way to cut costs Geico and the full list of discounts they can be found here.


Progressive offers the name your price tool and Flo as their quirky spokesperson. Progressive has price comparisons on their site, but those are not always necessarily accurate. Shop around before settling! They are more open to drivers with previous accidents, but their customers service rating for coverage and claims are average.

Progressive offers some unique offerings for college students and families with college students. College students who have a B average or a 3.0 GPA or better will qualify for the good student discount and the most interesting is the distant college student discount. For students younger than 22 and attending school over 100 miles away, they receive an additional discount up to 20%!


You're in good hands. With almost 80,000 employees and a strong online presence through their acquisition of Esurance, AllState has the offerings of a modern internet company, but also the ability to offer local and specialized service due to their army of local agents across the country. They offer a variety of discounts so if you quality make sure to check them out!

At AllState they offer many of the usual discounts such as safe driver, good student, etc, but they also offer an interesting new car discount. They offer up to 15% off if you're the first owner of the car and the car is current or 1 year prior model year. What this means is that if you buy a new car at the dealership, the cheapest insurance you can get there is probably from AllState.


USAA is one of the best insurance companies on both rates and service. However, USAA is only available to current military memebers, former military members, family of military members, cadets, and midshipmen. They have a perfect 5 out of 5 from J.D. Power and are known for their great rates. If you're a veteran or a military family, USAA should be the first place you look.

While USAA doesn't really have the vast array of discounts available as others. If you're lucky enough to qualify for their coverage, best bet is to take it. THey have unmatched customers service and their insurance quotes are cheaper on average even without the discounts.