If you haven’t had the great pleasure of travelling there, you probably know very little about Siciliy. Maybe all you know is that it looks like a little rock being kicked by the large boot of Italy or that it has been used as a place to exile politicians. There is so much more to Sicily. It is a beautiful island surrounded by the warm waters of the medeterrainian and covered in culture that is a result of its incredible heritage. There are so many different exciting activities and things to do when visiting Sicily in 2020 and we have highlighted five of them for you:

Take a Trip to Palermo

Palermo is the largest city and the capital of Sicily. It has some of the most incredible culture culture, history, and food in the world as a result of its incredible heritage. Palermo was founded long ago by the Phoenecians but was also a greek colony for an extended period of time and, of course, was eventually ruled by the Romans. As such there is an incredible blending pot from all the different types of people who have and still do live in Palermo. Located on the water it is also a beautiful location for anyone who loves the water, boating, beaches, or eating some delicious fish and fish pasta. Don’t be afraid of trying fish pasta in Sicily, it is delicious and surprising.

Take a Trip to Taormina

If you are going to make it over to eastern Sicily it makes sense to take a trip to check out the gorgeous oceanside town of Taormina. Like Palermo and much of Sicily, Taormina has the incredible Greek and Roman blend of culture that comes from being a city founded by the ancient greeks and eventually ruled by the ancient Romans. Taormina is near some famous beach resorts and many people come to the area to relax, but there are also incredibly sites to see. One of the most notable sites is the Ancient Theatre of Taormina, a gorgeous hilltop structure that was erected hundreds of years before the common era.

Visit Catania

Perhaps the most popular place to visit in Sicily, competing with Palermo, Catania is another oceanside gem of Italy that sits on the east coast of Sicily. One of its distinguishing features is that is sits right at the bottom of Mount Etna, which is considered the oldest active volcano in the world and the most active volcano in Europe. That doesn’t mean you can’t climb it! There are a bunch of hiking trails that will take you around Mount Etna, many that start near its base in Catania. There is plenty of other stuff to do in Catania as well including a superb fishmarket and many interesting restaurants and archeological sites.

See the Valle dei Templi in Agrigento

The Valle dei Templi is located on the top of a hill near Agrigento. The Valle dei Templi contains many of the most famous archeological temples in the world including iconic temples such as the Temple of Concordia, which is so famous that it serves as part of the inspiration for the UNESCO symbol. The Valle dei Templi is a wonderful place to visit and is overall a great large area that you can walk through and see a lot. There are great views on the trip there as well as on top of the hill but the real highlight is the old ruins.

See the Scala dei Turchi

The Scala dei Turchi is a beautiful beach and cliff area located in Realmonte. It became famous in part because of the stories written about Inspector Salvo Montalbano - a famous Italian detective created in the mind of the great Italian writer Andrea Camilleri. The inspector frequented the area of the Scala dei Turchi in the books. Now though it has become famous just for its incredible cliff face which is shaped by thousands of years of erosion from the water and the wind. There is a nice beach nearby for those who want.