There are all sorts of weird wild cats out there in the world. You would not believe how different some of these species can look - some of these cats are plain bonkers. They live all over the entire world and vary dramatically in size, shape, appearance, demeanor, and in how they typically live. Here are five of the funkiest types of wild cats in the world:

European Wildcat

The European Wildcat is a brown or gray cat that can be found prowling around the mountainous areas of Europe, such as in Italy or in Germany or in the Czech Republic. These kitties are much bigger than your typical house cat but can look relatively similar just much larger in size and with long hair. Make sure not to approach one though if you see it - these are wild animals, they are not pets. These cats will eat any sort of small animals they can find outside such as rats or mice.

Fishing Cat

Fishing cats are some insanely cool kitties that are found in South East Asia. Sadly, since 2016, these cats have been listed as a vulnerable population because of the destruction of their natural habitat, the wetlands. The cats primarily live in India, Nepal and similar areas. They generally live near the water and are incredibly good swimmers. They eat a lot of food from the water but they also are willing to eat any small mammals or rodents that come their way on land. Their favorite by far though is fish and fish are the majority of their diet, hence the name of the cat.

Iberian Lynx

The Iberian Lynx is one of the most endangered wild cats in the entire world. At the lowest, there were only around 100 of these kitties in the entire world, all living in the same small region in Spain. Many conservation groups have been trying to get their numbers up and there are now several hundred of these cats alive today. That is still an incredibly small number and it highlights the importance of conservation work if we want these animals to be around for years to come.


The Jaguarondi is a super funky cat, perhaps the funkiest cat on this list. Despite the name, the Jaguarondi is not a jaguar at all. It is more similar to a puma or a giant badger. But make no mistake, there is no way you want to mess with one of these kitties if it is angry. Amazingly these cats live in both North and South America, roaming as far north as Texas. They are also suffering from a loss of habitat and conservation work is needed to protect them.

Sand Cat

The sand cat is the tiniest cat on this list and the only kitty that lives in a desert. These cats have to be very creative and hard working when they hunt because they are in the desert. They find lots of random things to eat such as desert hares and gerbils, but they can also eat stuff like snakes. They’re very good at preserving both food and water with creative tricks such as hiding their food under the sand for later. They are also very cute.