The United States has the cream of the crop in MBA programs. The best MBA programs in the world are at US Universities and graduates of top US MBA programs go on to have successful careers making lots of money at big companies and starting their own businesses. The five MBA programs below are the best of the best – the top 5 for the entire United States.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) – Philadelphia, PA

Wharton in Philadelphia is consistently rated as one of the best business programs in the United States. It’s routine prestige makes it very difficult to get into. While the low end of the range was 540, the mean GMAT score for the school was 732. The average GPA of the class was a 3.6 and the mean GRE for those who took is was a 162. The University of Pennsylvania ends up having a very diverse class admitting 47% women, 36% people of color, and 30% international students from a total of 64 different countries. The average individual admitted has 4 years of work experience. The program runs for 20 months, Monday – Thursday, and they advise you also complete a 3.5 month summer internship. The class size is relatively small, roughly 850 people. You can choose from a number of majors, they offer 19, but Wharton is really well known for its finance majors. Wharton is an incredibly expensive school: the budget for the first year if you were to attend 2019-2020 would be approximately $115,000.

Stanford University – Stanford, CA

Stanford is one of the best and most exclusive MBA programs in the United States. It accepted only 417 of 7,342 (6%) of applicants for its Class of 2021. The class generally has a good amount of work experience, 4.6 years, across a number of different fields. Some of the most common fields that people work in before going to Stanford are Consulting, Investment Management or Private Equity, and the Technology sector. The class is 47% women, 43% international students, and 27% minority students from the US. Test scores for admitted students are incredibly high, with an average GMAT of 734, an average GRE of 165, and an average GPA of 3.7. One of the unique aspects of Stanford University’s business school is that there is a lot research that goes on across the schools 7 different academic areas. Stanford could be a good match for you if you are interested in one of the areas. They are accounting, economics, finance, marketing, operations, information & technology, organizational behavior, and political economy.

Harvard University – Cambridge, MA

Harvard University’s Business School program, like its famous undergraduate program, is routinely considered to be the best MBA program in the entire world. It is known for its extensive, deep, and famous alumni network that includes notable people such as New York’s Michael Bloomberg, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, and titans of industry such as Stephen Schwartzman the founder of the Blackstone group and Abagail Johnson, the chairman of Fidelity Investments. In their class of 2021, Harvard admitted roughly 10% of the applicants, 938 people of the 9,228 people who applied. 71 different countries are represented, 37% of the students are international, 27% are ethnic minorities, and 43% of the class is female. The students all had great GPAs in college, averaging 3.7 and they worked an average of 4.7 years after that in a range of industries from venture capital and private equity to consulting, to manufacturing, to technology, financial services and healthcare. It was a very competitive process from a score perspective as well with the median GMAT being a 730 and the median GRE being a 163.

University of Chicago (Booth) – Chicago, IL

While not necessarily thought of as frequently as the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, or Stanford University, the University of Chicago is a true contender as one of the top business school programs in the country. There is a lot that is great to like about this program. The University of Chicago Booth business school is all about getting its graduates jobs with over 98% of graduates receiving job offers within 3 months of graduation. The class size is relatively small with only 593 students. Like several of the other top schools the student body is very diverse with 49 countries represented, 27% minority students, 31% international students, and 40% of the student body being female. The average student did very well in terms of their academic credentials, with a GPA of 3.6 and an average GMAT score of 730. The applicants also generally had 5 years of work experience. Chicago’s class has students from all sorts of different backgrounds but the most common is from the financial services sector, where many of it’s alumni no doubt return.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan) – Cambridge, MA

When you think about Massachusetts Institute of Technology the first thing that probably comes to mind is the phenomenal engineering programs that are part of the undergraduate and graduate programs at the university. Well their business program ends up not being a slouch either. It is an incredible program that is very job focused and very entrepreneurial focused. 97% of the graduates of Sloan business school graduated with full time offers and 10% of the graduates launched their own company. MIT has a rigorous application process that includes recommendations, test scores, but also recording a video about yourself and interviews. The 2020 class size was 416, they had an average undergrad GPA of 3.6 and a GMAT of 728. The class has an average work experience of 5 years, is 41% women and is 42% international. One of the distinguishing features of the class that is a big unusual is that 31% of the class had undergraduate majors in Engineering. They do, however, come from the gambit of careers including consulting, financial services, and technology, media, and telecom.