One of the biggest barriers to a high paying job in this current economy is a bachelors degree. A bachelors in business admimnstration opens up numerous roles in sales, finance, strategy, consulting, etc. With people living hectic lives with jobs, children, etc havint the flexibility to earn a degree online at your own pace is huge! These are the best 5 online business bachelors programs.

University of Florida

The Univesity of Florida Online degree program from the prestigious Warrington College of Business Administration offers a bachelor of arts degree in business administration. The bachelors program helps students gain a strong foundation in business fundamentals and principles. Specificaly, students take classes in accounting, macro and micro economics, statistics, operations, management, entrepeneurship, computer software, and even calculus. Upon graduation, students who successfully completed the program are eligible for the accelerated Masters in Business Administration (MBA) program. Warrington has a nationally recognized MBA program and the accelerated program will help you prepare for even more prestigious and higher paying jobs in the business world.

University of Georgia

From the Terry College of Business, the online bachelors of business administration from the University of Georgia is designed for working professionals, military personnel, or parents. The program is flexible allowing for diverse students to come and provide unique insights into the professional world, while at the same time allowing for various lifestyles to fit into the program. The program even allows 60 hours of transferable credit from another institution with a 121 hours of credit needed for the degree, so if you've done some credits at another institution it is likely that those will transfer over. The degree can be finished in 3 years with cohorts starting 3 times a year. If you're looking for a solid background in business law, finance (management, modeling), strategy, and statistics this might be the degree program for you.


Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey offers a bachelor of arts in business administration online. The program is built mainly for students who already have an associate degree from a community college. The concepts are generally more advanced and include courses such as "The Management of Multinational Business" and "Applied Business Statistics". Students can choose between a general track and a special hospitality management track. In addition, Rutgers also offers an online MBA to supplement the degree.

Penn State World Campus

Penn State World Campus is the online presence of the esteemed Pennsylvania State University (Penn State). Penn State's online bachelors degree allows for students to customize and choose a track between accounting, health services, entrepeneurship, management and marketing, financial services, or even a custom built track by students approved by faculty. Penn State also offers an online MBA program and students receive the same exact degree as those students who attend in person.

University of Alabama

University of Alabama's Culverhouse College of Business offers a degree with two specialty tracks in either management or marketing. The degree is technically a bachelor of science in commerce and business administration. Thought University of Alabama doesn't offer an online MBA there are plenty of other schools in our list that do, so when you're ready to make that next step you'll be able to tap into another school's business network.