Mobile gaming has evolved in the past several years, with more and more people playing on their phones every single day. Statistics show that, in 2019, over 2,3 billion people are active mobile gamers. The number is expected to rise to over 2,6 billion in 2021. The mobile gaming business is growing at a fast pace and, with that, companies have to keep up producing new and improved models. Today we want to present to you five of the best phones you can purchase to have the best mobile gaming experience possible.

Asus Rog Phone 2

Finally, we came to the best mobile gaming phone on our list today, the Asus Rog Phone 2. Republic of Gamers is a giant in the gaming industry, recognized for their partnership with Asus and for the high-end PC parts they build. In September of 2019, they decided to step up the game and launch the Asus Rog Phone 2. This phone has an 80.3% screen-to-body ratio, with a display that is 6.59 inches in size and a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels. This phone also benefits from a 120Hz screen, which is double the amount of Hz phones such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max offer. Not only that, but the display is also 240Hz touch-sensing, which means that even the slightest touch will be registered. The Asus Rog Phone 2 is supported by an Octa-Core Kyro processor and 8 or 12GB of RAM. To acquire the version that has 12GB of RAM, you will have to look at the models with 256GB of storage or more.

Razer Phone 2

In the second spot, we have a phone made especially for gaming. You might be surprised to hear that not many people have heard about the Razer Phone 2. We don’t blame them; you won’t find this phone in top-like lists that aren’t related to gaming. The Razer Phone 2 has a 5.72 inches display and a 1440 x 2560 pixels resolution, which is slightly smaller than the competitors on our list today. The real reason it comes in the second spot is that it features a 120Hz display which will drastically change your mobile gaming experience. The phone will be able to run any game available right now and any game that will be released in the upcoming years, having an Octa-Core processor and 8GB of RAM. The only con that comes with this phone is the minimal internal memory of 64GB. That’s not the end of the world though as the phone has a dedicated microSD slot which can hold up to 1TB.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

As you expected, the iPhone 11 Pro Max had to be somewhere on this list. The newly-released phone it’s making headlines even now, three months after it announced. This smartphone also has an enormous screen of 6.5 inches, but it suffers when it comes to the resolution, it only being 1242 x 2688 pixels. People tend to think that because the phone only has 4GB of RAM that it is not the right choice if you’re looking for a gaming phone, but that’s simply not true. The Hexa-Core processor makes up for the RAM difference and because the iOS platform is unbeatable when it comes to speed the iPhone 11 Pro Max is well ahead of the two phones above.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

In the fourth spot, we find the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, which was released in the US on March 8, 2019. This phone has a large screen of 6.4 inches with a resolution of 1440 x 3040 pixels. Samsung wanted to make sure that every little detail will be visible, and your gaming experience will be as fantastic as possible. The Octa-Core processor and the 8 or 12GB of RAM available will be able to run any game available right now and every game that is expected to launch in 2020. The amount of RAM you’ll be getting varies depending on the version of the phone. The 1TB version is the only one that benefits from 12GB of RAM.

OnePlus 7 Pro

Perhaps a surprise for many of you, the OnePlus 7 Pro made our list today. I consider that this fantastic phone which was released back in May of 2019 did not receive the praise it should’ve. In today’s world, people tend to overlook phones which aren’t made by the two mobile giants, Samsung and Apple. The OnePlus 7 Pro has the biggest screen on our list today, measuring 6.67 inches in size and having a resolution of 1440x3120. Not only that, the display is 90Hz! You might be surprised to hear this, but the OnePlus 7 Pro has the same Octa-Core Kyro 485 processor as its competitor below, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. The thing that puts many off is the RAM as you’ll have to choose between the three variants available. If you wish to have the most potent version of the phone, then you’ll have to go with the 256GB version as is the only one that benefits from 12GB of RAM. I know that the camera has nothing to do with the gaming experience, but I can’t help myself. This phone can record in 720p at 480fps. How crazy is that?