Not everyone can afford expensive computers with huge RAM and huge computing power. Luckily large companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are allowing people to purchase Cloud Computing. See which ones are the best priced and offer the best service!


Amazon Web Services

  • Largest and most used provider
  • Fast deployments
  • Limitless capacity
  • Hybridized capability and per hour billing

AWS is Amazon's cloud web hosting platform that was one of the first to market boasting large clients such as Netflix, Airbnb, and NASA. It's become the industry standard and has a large array of resources, tutorials, and community support to help new users get started. AWS is the king of the cloud space and has been for quite some time though Google and Microsoft are catching up!

MS Azure

Microsoft Azure

  • Second largest and most used provider by market share
  • Syncs up nicely with other Microsoft products and offer
  • Actively competing with Amazon leadering to great customer service and prices

Azure is only second to AWS in their market share, but have an impressive list of clients themselves with Coca Cola, GE, Chevron, Intel, Toyota, Bank of America, Boeing, Samsung, the NBA, Ford, and many many other name brand and Fortune 500 companies. As you can see from the difference in clients Azure's main strength has been their integration with Windows, .NET and other offerings such as their Office Suite. The client list of AWS is more modern and software heavy while Azure seems to boast a more traditional hardware and consumer packaged goods cohort. Despite this, Azure matches AWS on almost any front, at this level it's a matter of convenience, price, and service rather than technical capabilities.


Google Cloud Platform

  • Google has more data centers then all of the above choices
  • Great developer tools and customer support
  • Actively competing with AWS and Azure, likely to give out freebies and discounts
  • Access to Google propietrary Tensor Processing Units (TPU)

Google Cloud is the largest third player in the cloud wars. A late entrant into the market, they've dedicated a considerable amount of money and resources to get their product into the hands of their consumers. They don't have quite the level of clientele of their competitors yet but they do have Target, Twitter, Paypal and other large companies as customers. Google has an army of customer engineers ready to help you get integrated with their cloud technology.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud Computing

  • Top class security
  • Connects well with legacy IBM software and hardware
  • Often cheaper than others for one time users

IBM Cloud has a considerable marketshare at above 10% and has some of the best operations, supply chain, and warehousing companies on the planet as customers such as American Airlines, Lufthansa, and others. They are actively working to grow their machine learning and artificial intelligence offerings so that customers can use out of the box models to work with data, but are still lagging behing the big 3 (AWS, Azure, GCP) in that capability.

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Enterprise Cloud

  • Oracle is the original king of data storage and access
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing Oracle databases
  • Marketplace for apps and services for sharing capabilities

By most industry reports, Oracle is the fifth largest player in the cloud market. They rely heavily on their existing database customers to propel their cloud growth. It might make sense if you already have an Oracle database to use them as your cloud provider as the integration between your data storage, security, and access will be simple and all done through one simple service and interface.