It's anything but difficult to consider electric vehicles as a generally new idea, yet they've really been around since the nineteenth century. There's a regularly expanding scope of new electric vehicles available, which is driving increasingly more new vehicle purchasers to swap pump for plug.

Tesla Roadster

The second-generation Tesla Roadster is set to hit streets in one year from now. The supercar has been charged by CEO Elon Musk as the "dessert" of the organization's up and coming lineup, and it's not hard to perceive any reason why. Its battery provides over 900 kilometers of range, it reaches 100km/h from 0 in just 2.1 seconds and has a top-speed of 402km/h. It is designed to have 4 seats, the body style as it is mentioned in its name, a roadster. The Tesla Roadster release date is to some degree obscure, yet Elon Musk guaranteed at the Tesla Design Studio event that it would hit the streets in 2020.

Audi e-tron Sportback 50 quattro

The 2020 Audi e-tron Sportback is making its introduction at the Los Angeles automobile fair and will arrive at European purchasers in the spring of 2020. America comes later. Search for the Sportback in showrooms in the late spring of 2020 with a beginning value simply over that of the standard e-tron SUV. The price range is starting at 67.000 euro up to 72.000 euro for the SUV; its performances feature a 5.7 acceleration from 0 to 100km/h, a top speed of 200km/h and an electric range of 385km. With the exception of a couple of components, the 2020 Audi e-tron Sportback will be furnished like the standard e-tron. Audi is empasizing the consideration of matrix LED headlights that specifically square brightening to prevent different drivers and people on foot from getting dazzled by the e-tron's lights around evening time. From the Sportback's roofline lessens back seat headroom by 0.8 inch, and the 21.7-cubic-foot e exterior, the e-tron and the Sportback have nearly identical measurements. Thtrunk limit is 6.8 cubic feet littler than the e-tron's. It is anything but an all out misfortune, however, since the Sportback's somewhat longer range should deliver profits. It likewise comes standard with bigger touchscreen shows that are redesigns on the e-tron.


This new model, really the first with the fifth EV age drivetrain from BMW, is planned for creation in China in 2020 by BMW Brilliance Automotive joint venture in Shenyang. The sales are set to start in 2020, first in Europe then in China and North America. The SUV is set to have a 400km range, an acceleration of 5.0(0-100km/h), a top speed of 200km/h, 270HP and 5 number of seats. The price is estimated around 72.200 euro. Outwardly, we anticipate that the iX3 should extend a large portion of the structure legitimately from the current X3, giving it that unmistakable BMW hybrid look. All things considered, we expect BMW to put some distinctive components between this all-electric model.

Mercedes EQA

The new entry point of the Mercedes EQ electric vehicle sub-brand will go on a sale in 2020. The price is estimated to be around 41.300 euro and autumn is the month that is going to be released. The crossover has a range of 350 kilometers, it goes from 0 to 100 km/h in nothing more but 5 seconds and has a top-speed of 200km/h. The EQA idea is somewhat shorter however more extensive than the current Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Its long wheelbase and electric drivetrain will be utilized to further their potential benefit to maximise inside space. The EQA concept has a powerful electric driving system, two electric motors with a system that can be increased to over 200 kW thanks to scalable battery.

Skoda Vision iV

Skoda probably won't respect the correlation, yet this vehicle has the vibe of the Tesla X. Skoda says it is a “four-door crossover coupe”, this concept is proposed as all-wheel-drive with a 0-62mph time in under 6 seconds, pretty impressive, right? The price is something in between 35.000 to 40.000 euro, depending where are you considering of buying it. The car has an autonomy of 450km*, a fastcharge of 260km/h and a 180 km/h top-speed. Inside, the Vision iV idea gets a luxurious infotainment framework in the scramble, an extraordinary two-spoke guiding wheel, a computerized instrument binnacle, birch facade trim and a couple of profound pail seats joined to swiveling mounts. The production on the car is confirmed and it is set to be launched on market on June 2020.