Trucks are an essential car for many Americans. Whether you’re hauling 5,000 pounds to work or just yourself learn about the top 5 most highly rated trucks of 2019! Topping the list are the good old American full sizes of Ram, Chevy, Ford and GM with Nissan sneaking into the top 5 with their newly designed full-size pickup.

Ram 1500 ($27,395)

The fully redesigned 2019 Ram 1500 is currently on the market with the cheapest starting cost among full-size pickup vehicles. Due to its elevated expected reliability rating and excellent estimates of fuel economy, its ownership costs are also remarkable for the class. Nevertheless, over five years of ownership, the Ram will cost you about $3,000 more than the Ford F-150.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ($32,200)

You can get the similar, completely redesigned 2019 Chevy Silverado for more than $1,000 less than your corporate cousin – the GMC Sierra. This Chevy has the second highest starting price in our full-size truck pickup rankings, but owning over a five-year period is cheaper than all but two full-size trucks.

Ford F-150 ($28,155)

The Ford F-150 has among all full-size pickup vehicles one of the cheapest starting prices. Only the Ram 1500 undermines the MSRP base of the Ford. The complete cost of ownership of the F-150 is considerably lower than that of Ram and all others in this class. This is partly due to the excellent estimates of the Ford's gas mileage. The F-150 is a top option if you're searching for a full-size truck that's going to be simple on the pocketbook.

GMC Sierra 1500 ($33,500)

The Sierra offers several powerful engines and some of the best towing and payload capacities in class. It provides one of the nicest cabins in our full-size pickup truck rankings, with spacious, comfortable seats in both rows and an easy-to-use infotainment interface that comes standard. The Sierra offers plenty of active safety features and comes equipped with GM's Teen Driver safety system. It earns an above-average rating for predicted reliability.

Nissan Titan ($30,590)

The Nissan Titan has a starting cost about $1,000 smaller than that of the Tundra, but some competing designs have a reduced MSRP base. The Titan lands among full-size pickup vehicles in the center of the pack in terms of complete ownership costs.