Increasingly as workforces get more global companies need better ways for large amounts of employees to collaborate while working in different offices. One of the cores of this is identifying the best enterprise video conferencing solutions. As internet speeds and compute power have increased, the platforms offered for video conferencing have only got better. Check out five of 2019’s top enterprise video conferencing solutions below.

Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans is one of the flagship names in enterprise video conferencing solutions. They have marquee clients such as Facebook. It is no wonder why with how well the product works with Dolby powered sound and a UI that makes it easy to join meetings. Blue Jeans is a start-up and a relative newcomer to the enterprise video space, but its strong offering is vaulting it to the top of people’s list for best enterprise video conferencing solutions.


8x8 is an interesting audio and video conferencing platform. It also allows users to send chats and screenshare and it works on desktop and mobile. It works for larger meetings – they claim you can invite up to 100 participants to each meeting. You will love the calendar integration they do. You can integrate 8x8 with either Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook to get you into the meeting quickly.

AT&T Collaborate

I typically think of AT&T as a telecom giant. Somewhere where I could go for cell phone service or if I needed service for a land line. 2019 is showing that AT&T is expanding beyond their traditional telecom roots and getting into a number of other features and services that are great for businesses. AT&T collaborate is a prime example, of this allowing not just local and long distance calling but also allowing video chat, instant messaging, and has lot of additional products that can be useful such as the self service portal. AT&T collaborate also has dedicated phone support which is great for a business.


Zoom is another one of the hot start-ups that have been tearing up the enterprise video conferencing landscape. Zoom is great because it has some free offerings you can try out before you go for the paid version. Zoom IPO’d and has been doing really well ever since the IPO. It comes with all of the bells and whistles, such as recording, integration with calendar, chat, and collaboration tools.


Vidyo, along with having probably the coolest name of any company on the list, has several different products that serve a wide variety of different needs. They have VidyoConnect, which is targeted at team meetings and collaboration, VidyoEngage, which the goal is to engage with your consumers and allow them to meet with someone face to face, and they also have APIs for app development. They have a number of notable customers including Barclays, Akamai, Bloomberg, Carnegie Mellon and more.